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Project Description

AutoFlickr Extension for BlogEngine.Net
Creates a nice lightbox-enabled in-post gallery of your recent public (or private) images from Flickr. I have a blog for my family, and was sick of copying and pasting image/thumbnail descriptions to post. Read about Lightbox2

All these can be overridden via the markup. note, this takes all images (public and private), right now.

simple example: [autoflickr:startdate=today;tags=baby]
complex example: [autoflickr:flickrAPIKey=xxxx;flickrAPISharedSecret=xxxx;flickrUserId=xxxx; flickrAuthToken=xxxx;startdate=01/01/2008; tags=baby;maxnumber=20;origsize=med; thumbsize=thumb]

* Flickr API Key (required- available at Flickr)
* Flickr API Shared Secret (required- available at Flickr)
* Flickr User ID (required- available at idGettr)
* Flickr Authorization Token required- ???
* Default Start Date (MM/d/yyyy) (optional)
* Default Tag(s) (optional)
* Default Maximum Number of Results (optional)
* Default 'Thumbnail' Image Size (optional)
* Default 'Original' Image Size (optional)

thanks to the Extension

  1. copy Lightbox.cs & AutoFlickr.cs to your /App_Code/Extensions folder
  2. copy Lightbox folder and contents your your / folder
  3. go to your toolbox page, click on Extension, and enter your Flickr API Key Information, default flickr image information (see below for authentication help)
  4. enter a new post, with the syntax--> [autoflickr:]


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